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Welcome To Divanmax

Combining fast and high-quality production with technological planning, it is essential for us to provide you with access to our safer and more advanced products.

Our journey started in Egypt in 1986, taking part in the general trading market. Later on, we expanded our business and established our branch in Saudi Arabia in 1993. After then, and as a consequence of globalization, we needed to grow more and opened our branch in Guangzhou, China in 2001. After the economic reform in February 2001 in Turkey, making the country an emerging place that draws attention to external capital, we started trading with Turkey in 2005. Finally, we decided to participate in the Turk-ish market and established our company in the midpoint of Europe and Asia, Istanbul in 2017. We aim to offer our high-quality Turkish household cleaning products to our clients around the World, depending on our +30 years of experience, good quality & affordable prices, and of course, the strategic location that helps us deliver your orders as quickly and safely as possible. We are happy to have been supplying our clients in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, Estonia and many other countries. Our objective is to reach more potential clients around the globe, with whom we could cooperate and keep growing together